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Chuck 'Verse Master List

This is my favorite thing I've done in fandom, and it's kind of enormous, so I'm giving it its own master list.

As if his life isn’t weird enough, the prophet Chuck Shurley finds a freshly de-graced angel in his living room. Okay, so he’ll just return Castiel to the real heroes - no big deal. Except, it is kind of a big deal, because the real heroes want Chuck’s help solving their apocalypse problem, his visions are on the fritz, and he seems to be writing slashy fan fiction of his characters. Friends. Whatever.

Tagging along for the end of the world has its perks - like epic road trip sing-alongs, drinking with angels and demons, and Missouri Moseley’s waffles. But playing the hero, Chuck learns, is harder than it looks - especially when your new best friend is a fallen angel.

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Sherlock fanart: You were always with me

I've been utterly sucked into Tumblr and all but abandoned this LJ for the last few months, sorry. But some pieces don't play nicely with Tumblr's formatting. This is one of them.

Spoilers for "The Reichenbach Fall."

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Sherlock fanart: Evidence (a posteriori)

This image wouldn't get out of my head, so I had to draw it, but in a different style than I usually do fanart. And then ink it, but in a different style than I usually ink. And then lay down watercolors, but with a slower, more careful method than I usually paint. Also, I used about nine different reference images and did little side pieces to experiment with the new inking and watercolor techniques before I tried them on this piece. Also, I tried to make Sherlock's thoughts connect in an understandable way.

This is the most thought I've ever put into a piece of fanart and probably the most I've experimented on one piece in years. It didn't come out quite the way it was in my head, but I'm pretty pleased with it regardless.

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Sherlock fic: Semantic Satiation

Title: Semantic Satiation
Characters: Sherlock/John (established relationship)
Rating/Warnings: G
Word Count: 1500
Summary: From the sherlockbbc_fic prompt "Sherlock practices saying 'I love you' in the mirror."

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Fanart: What did we miss?

So. madlorific's Performance in a Leading Role. I'm slightly in love with it. After reading chapter 13, I really wanted to illustrate a certain moment in the fic, but my sketches sort of turned into a comic.


Anyway, here's how I imagined that part of the story going down.


If you haven't caught up on the fic yet, go read that first, because SPOILERS.Collapse )

Fanart: Things He Left Behind

Playing around with the marker brush in ArtRage this weekend, probably spent 5-6 hours on this.

I just wanted to draw John wearing Sherlock's coat.Collapse )

I have a Tumblr now.


Figure I'll use it to post sketches and snippets of fic I'm working on, plus the usual fannish lovefest that appears to be normal Tumblr use. Or I'll make like four posts and lurk forever after. We'll see!

Gimme your Tumblr usernames so I can stalk you like a creeper.

Sherlock fanart: Sorrow Waited, Sorrow Won

So I just read madlorific's Alone on the Water yesterday. (Sue me, fandom, I'm new here.) Afterwards, I camped out with my watercolors after and tried to draw away my FEEEEELINGS with something cheerful while watching 30 Rock, but instead I illustrated the moment in the fic that broke me the worst.


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