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Fanart: corrupting my childhood one request at a time.

Oh my god, you guys. I've had catch-up homework and real art commissiony type things at the top of my to-do list lately, but y'know what I've been doing instead? Little Mermaid and Calvin and Hobbes inspired Supernatural fanart.

Because this is clearly the sane and responsible thing to do with my time.

Anyway. Click all images to embiggen.

Little Mermaid inspired fanart:

These are both from maychorian's Castiel-centric Shmoop and BAMF Party, which is one of the most fun comment fic/art/etc. parties I've attended.

Prompt: Dean introduces Castiel to Disney movies.

I mentioned that Castiel also empathizes with Sebastian, because he too is in charge of wards who don't listen.

Which led, naturally, to MERCHESTERS AND CRABSTIEL:

Crabstiel: "Dese Merchesters, dey never listen!"
MerDean: "Screw what my merdad says! I'm using the Coltdent to hunt some merwolves!"
MerSam: "My merbrother has a popped mercollar. FML."

Now, sockkiah and another friend who would probably like to remain anonymous to preserve her dignity were over while I was drawing this, and they started a discussion of what Supernatural would be like if it were set under the sea. FIrst of all, the song "Under the Sea" would be very different and would probably have a chorus like "Under the sea, under the sea! We don't gotta hunt no ghosts or demons, under the sea!" Because the sea is full of salt water, which wouldn't be conducive to either of type of monster.

Monsters the Merchesters would hunt include: merwolves (fish on the bottom, WOLVES on the top), merpires, sharkshifters (like shapeshifers, only they're part shark), and sea witches (GODDAMN MERDEAN HATES SEA WITCHES).

Both merboys still yearn for a normal life. MerSam misses Atlantis U, which is the undersea equivalent of Stanford, and MerDean is always saying they should go visit the Mariana Trench, like a normal family road trip.

Also, contrary to popular tenticle-centric belief, I've decided that the angels are all shellfish. You have to watch out for the giant Zaclamriah, because he will close his shell on your foot and drown you.

Entirely too much thought has been put into this. MOVING. THE FUCK. ON.

Calvin and Hobbes inspired fanart:

I posted this to sassy_otp last week. This is one of those instances where I have no idea why I drew something, but there it is.

And then in the BAMF and shmoop party, gabby_silang prompted: Castiel is a tiger. He's just always been a tiger, okay. It's all very Calvin & Hobbes & their tall friend. (Which just may be my favorite prompt I've ever read.)

And so I stayed up until 4am and killed my wrist to make this:

Totally worth it. I smile every time I look at it. (I had to make it the new banner on my LJ because of that. Also a sane and responsible use of my homework time!)

The last panel by itself:

And icons, if anyone's interested:

(Credit if you use them, please. :))
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