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UPDATE MAY 2012: This LJ has mostly been abandoned for my Tumblr. I'm slowly moving fic up onto my AO3 account (same username) and have abandoned monogamy with Supernatural in favor of a big old multi-fandom, multi-shipping mess starring Sherlock, Avengers, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and some other junk.

ME: Grad student. Fangirl. Masked avenger of...something!

MY LJ: This LJ is primarily for fic and fangirling out about stuff I like. Any other topics that wander into it are purely coincidental and not the norm. It's all public. I rarely take anything seriously and enjoy snarking the fuck out of things I love. I occasionally descend into madness and capslock; this is normal, no need for alarm.

This LJ is my happy little fandom sandbox. Don't pee in it with character/ship/etc. hate, and we'll get along dandy.

COMMENTS: Comments on fic are good. If you like something you read that I wrote, I'd love to hear it! Constructive criticism is awesome, too, but please do make it constructive. I'm always looking to improve my writing, but I can't learn shit from comments like "I hated [insert event/character/entire fic]!" On the other hand, "[Insert event/character/entire fic] didn't work for me because..." is very useful!

I try to respond to every comment, but between work, school, and other projects I'm involved in, my workload periodically explodes and consumes me in a debris cloud of paperwork and presentation notes. It may take me a while to reply from under the rubble.

USING MY ART: If you like something I drew, go ahead and take it, crop it or fuck with it to your heart's content, just credit me if you use it in public (i.e. icons should say "made by maskedfangirl, etc.). Don't use it for profit (obviously), and if you want to use it in some promotional way, like an LJ comm banner, contact me to see if it's all right. (It probably will be, so long as your comm isn't about goat fucking or something.)

FRIENDING: Friending is welcome. Lurking is welcome. Basically, unless you actually manage to offend me, you're welcome around these parts anytime. The people who end up on my friends list are those who either make me grin in conversations in comment threads or whose fics routinely blow my mind.

DISCLAIMER: Anything labeled "fic" here is fan fiction and is a derivative work of something copyrighted (Supernatural, Glee, Lord of the Rings, etc.). I make no profit off fic, but I do highly recommend you give your money to the amazing people behind the original works!

BONUS FACT: sockkiah is my partner in crime where fandom is concerned. If I post a fic that makes you question my sanity, you can safely assume she was behind it in some way.